Skin may develop retentional lesions, commonly known as impurities or blackheads. In dermatology, they are called elemental acne lesions, with a clear distinction between open lesions (blackheads) and closed lesions (whiteheads or microcysts).

Retentional lesions, as their name indicates, arise mainly from the obstruction of the sebum inside the sebaceous follicle.

This abnormal blockage of sebum takes place mainly for two reasons: excessive production of sebum (known as hyperseborrhea), and/or a thickening of the follicle walls (hyperkeratosis), which may lead to total blockage.

The constant forming of blackheads alters the follicle repair process and destroys the pore’s elastic fibres, which become dilated and take on the appearance of open pores. This phenomenon, which has only recently been discovered, is known as parakeratosis.

In some vulnerable people, retentional lesions create the perfect environment for a bacterium, propinobacterium acné, to proliferate. It inflames the skin, producing infection and giving rise to the disease acne. In such cases, these are inflammatory retentional lesions, which can be divided into different types, depending on their seriousness: papulae, pustules and cysts.

The continual development of inflammatory lesions erodes the skin’s connective tissue, leading to the permanent formation of tiny scars and marks (microkeloids).


CLEAR BALANCE is a professional line of products developed specifically to normalise the three main causes of skin impurities:

  1. hyperseborrhea
  2. hyperkeratosis
  3. proneness to infection.

To ensure an effective aesthetic treatment of skin impurities, it is essential to distinguish between non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions, as both types of lesion have different causes, and must therefore be treated in different ways using different products.

CLEAR BALANCE includes two different product ranges for use at home and in beauty institutions, for correctly treating these two basic types of acne lesions: normalising treatment product, which prevent the proliferation of elemental acne lesions (non-inflammatory), and fast-acting products for occasional use to accelerate the evolution of inflammatory lesions.
It also has a series of auxiliary products created to attenuate the aesthetic effects of acne in skins, which have suffered acne for some time: scars (microkeloids), open pores (parakeratosis), oily appearance and inflammation.
The CLEAR BALANCE products have been developed with non-comedogenic excipients, which are free from oils and fats and adapt to the specific needs of this type of skin, without causing oiliness or shininess.

Concepts reviewed

  • Hygiene
    Acne is not caused by a lack of personal hygiene. In fact, it is advisable to wash the face no more than two or three times a day with the appropriate mild cleanser. Washing the face more often can worsen existing lesions and even cause new ones, as well as damaging or drying the skin. Use the non-comedogenic soaps with substances no other than AHA agents, which help unblock the lesions.
  • Diet
    There is no evidence that foods (saturated fats, fried food, sugar or alcohol) increase the likelihood of suffering acne. However, it has been proved that sebum production is reduced by consuming low-calorie diets, since under fasting conditions they reduce the synthesis of androgens. For this reason, dieting will help you obtain a skin that is free from impurities and maintain your figure.