Vitamin C skin care

Vitamin C skin care

Vitamin C skin care: cream with Vitamin C, Serum with Vitamin C, ...

Vitamin Cocktail Serum (V11)

The revitalizing vitamin cocktail for your skin!

Vitamin cocktail day cream

This day cream is vitalizing and invigorate, it provides to the skin a real cocktail of effective natural ingredients.
With PowerTox® complex!

3 Actions Eye contour cream

3 Actions: Anti-bags + Anti-dark circles + Anti-ageing.


Antioxidant-glow action
Acerola, 15% pure vitamin C, Fresh vitamin C, Pomegranate extract.


Wrinkle-filling effect.
Galanga extract, 3% proteoglycans, Padina pavonica Alga, 5% pure vitamin C.

ANTI-AGE Peel-Off Mask

Anti-Ageing - Restructuring (with high content in vit.C with undeniable anti-oxidant properties)!