vitamin c

Vitamin C

Lifting & Firming Serum

increases firmness and improves the elasticity of the skin for a long period of time.


Antioxidant-glow action
Acerola, 15% pure vitamin C, Fresh vitamin C, Pomegranate extract.

3 Actions Eye contour cream

3 Actions: Anti-bags + Anti-dark circles + Anti-ageing.

ANTI-AGE Peel-Off Mask

Anti-Ageing - Restructuring (with high content in vit.C with undeniable anti-oxidant properties)!

Protective Peel-off Mask

  1. Restores skin moisturization to its normal values
  2. Relieves redness in a short time

Vitamin Cocktail Serum (V11)

The revitalizing vitamin cocktail for your skin!