The most important challenge facing cosmetics in recent years is offering a real alternative to surgical treatments that correct the most evident facial wrinkles, known as expression lines.

In order to achieve this objective, cosmetics have to overcome two considerable difficulties: on the one hand, the actual skin, which acts as a barrier hindering the entrance of topically applied substances, and on the other hand, the means at the beautician’s disposal for effectively overcoming this barrier, and which are not applicable in cosmetic use.

Cosmetic research has taken several years to develop different alternatives to the application of exclusive substances in dermo-aesthetics, offering solutions that treat the problem of deep wrinkles with discrete results.

It has taken 3 years research, more than 25 tested substances and a study of about 200 combinations to create CORRECTIVE.

CORRECTIVE is a range of products inspired in the world’s leading medical-aesthetic treatments, scientifically formulated to treat deep wrinkles and expression lines both quickly and effectively.

It combines up to nine active ingredients of proven efficiency, including internal tissue redensifiers, skin filling substances, neural-inhibitor agents and skin-lifting peptides with state-of-the-art pre- and post-synaptic activity.

By combining in one and the same treatment the application of substances that can relax the skin’s muscle tone, with fill-in techniques, an effective smoothing effect is produced on the deepest wrinkles, which gradually disappear naturally from the skin.

The results are visible after the first few applications and progressively improve with each application, thanks to the noticeable accumulative effect of the muscle-relaxant peptides.

CORRECTIVE is a sophisticated range of products resulting from extensive research into surgical cosmetics, where their effectiveness, design and textures have been carefully studied to provide the skin with unique results and exceptional comfort and care.

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