The first genetic de-pigmentation treatment!

Urban White forms part of a new generation of skin-whitening treatments known as biological de-pigmenting agents, which act directly on the core of the pigment-producing cells.

These innovative agents are able to re-programme the behaviour of the pigment-producing cells, reducing both their baseline and induced activity.

Their main advantage with respect to non-biological de-pigmentation agents (which have a nuclear effect) is that they act simultaneously on skin spots caused by the sun and age (induced pigmentation), and gradually lighten the skin’s natural tone (genetic or constitutive pigmentation).

Urban White is a combination of next-generation biological and conventional de-pigmentation agents with greater efficacy and an improved toxicological profile [LCR>10] which virtually eliminates the side effects associated with whitening cosmetics used by professionals.

It also has a patented system for releasing alpha hydroxy acids (AHCs), which offers sustained, non-irritating exfoliation.  This association unifies the skin tone more quickly and improves the penetration and activity of the de-pigmentation agents.

As a professional treatment, Urban White combines an Advanced Whitening Kit   (also applicable using a virtual needle) with Derma Peel, a professional exfoliation treatment.  This combination brings about a considerable acceleration of the de-pigmenting effect, enabling you to achieve results that are comparable to those of a dermal-aesthetic centre after just only a few sessions.

Urban White offers a range of basic follow-up treatments for application at home that allow the desired de-pigmentation results to be obtained.

Whitening Anti-Pollution Shield Mist

Dermapeel advanced kit

WHITENING Shield Day Cream SPF20


WHITENING Spot Eraser Cream

WHITENING Shield Hand Cream


WHITENING New Skin Foaming Cleanser

WHITENING Perfect Light


Whitening Overnight Serum

Whitening Matt Compact Powder SPF50

IDEALDERM URBAN WHITE Matt Compact Powder SPF50 is a compact makeup powder cream, which unifies skin tone in an immediate and effective protection against the sun (SPF50).