Beauty and dermatological devices

B-system multifunctional tower for IDEALDERM B-equipment

 Multifunctional trolley of modern design.

Multif Free Comb IDEALDERM

Multifunctional standardly equipped trolley of modern design

Ultrasound appliance with facial and orbicular probe.

Different waves can be chosen depending on the treatment to be applied.

Galvanic Beauty Equipment IDEALDERM

Galvanic instrument with direct current and constant intensity.

High frequency instrument IDEALDERM

Increase blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity, remove bacteria and ease the penetration of cosmetic products.

Rotary Brush

Rotary brushes exfoliation equipment.

Vacuum & Spray IDEALDERM

Stimulate microcirculation, improve skin metabolism and ease residue removal.

High-Conductivity Gloves & Bio Skin Smoother IDEALDERM

Modern multifunctional tool that helps restore skin elasticity by stimulating blood circulation and collagen fibres and facilitating the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Cold & Hot Hammer IDEALDERM

Modern cold and hot hammer for facial treatments.

IDEALDERM 5 in 1 Beauty MultiEquipment

C&H Hammer+HF+Brush+Vacuum & Spray

Diamond Microdermabrasion with MultiEquipment

Acne? Sun damage? Blotchy skin? Fine scars? Slight wrinkles? Keratose? Large pores? Non-inflamed whiteheads? Uneven skin texture and glow? Age spots? Oil-congested skin? Skin pigmentation?

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency instrument used in aesthetic facial treatments.

IDEALDERM 2 in 1 Beauty Equipment (Diamond Dermabrasion + Skin Scrubber)

Akne? Sonnenschaden? Flecken? Kleine Narben? Feine Falten? Keratose? Offene Poren? Nicht entzündete Pickel? Hautunreinheiten? Altersflecken? Fettige Haut? Pigmentierung der Haut?

Skin Scrubber

Skin scrubber with a professional and elegant design.

Microdermabrasion with Diamond Dermabrasion and Microcrystal

2 in 1 : Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion device with aluminium oxide crystals

For noninvasive exfoliating treatments.

Diamond Dermabrasion IDEALDERM

Microdermabrasion device with diamond heads.

Ultrasonic Beauty instrument IDEALDERM

Ultrasound instrument with body, facial and orbicular probes.

High Frequency + Galvanic Device

Two in one instrument. It combines high frequency and galvanic current functions. Perfect for deep skin cleansing treatments.

Vacuum & Spray Device

Vacuum and spray instrument used to stimulate microcirculation, improve skin metabolism and ease residue removal.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Instrument for professional facial exfoliation. It is provided with a spatula handle applicator and safety bracelet.

High Frequency + Ultrasonic Device

Two-in- one instrument. It combines high frequency and ultrasound functions.

Multifunctional Instrument HF + US + Galvanic + Vacuum & Spray

5 in 1 Beauty Instruments.

Infrared Body Shaping

Thermotherapy equipment with heating blanket.

Air Pressure Slimming Instrument IDEALDERM

Cellulite? Dimply skin? Stretch marks? Blood flow problems? Localised swelling? Muscular and articulation problems?
Constipation? Postpartum care? Lymphatic problems? Oedemas? Liquid retention? After and before liposuction treatments? Menopause? Flaccidity? Overweight? Fatigue ?

Spot Removal device IDEALDERM

To remove spots produced by sunburns and by pigment sediments

Microdermabrasion instrument with diamond heads

For controlled and non invasive exfoliation treatments

Electrostimulation for Perfect Figure

Equipment with passive exercising electrodes to ease slimming and muscular toning. 10 output channels.

wood lamp Ultraviolet light lamp for skin diagnose and analysis

Ultraviolet light lamp for skin diagnose and analysis.

Spare / fluorescent lamp for IDEALDERM woodlamp

Spare / fluorescent lamp for IDEALDERM woodlamp