Peeling for hyperpigmentation (normal skin)

Peeling with 50% Glycolic Acid

  • Deminishes comeocyte adhesion
  • Accelerates cellular renovation
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Accelerates the penetration of topical agents

Microdermabrasion Cream

An at home alternative to professional, clinical treatments with amazing results!

Lightening Milk for Face and Body

Treatment with Melafade and niacinamide that lightens and prevents dark marks on the body, as well as unifying skin tone.

Depigmenting Cream

With Melafade and fruit acids. Unifies skin tone and lightens melanic blemishes on face while smoothing wrinkles and making skin radiant. All skin types.

Depigmentation Cream SPF20

Contains kojic acid and glycolic acid, two depigmentation agents that increase their efficacy when formulated together.


Mulberry, oughon, saxifrage and grape.