Facial plastic masks for different programs: antioxidant, moisturizing, rebalancing, purifying and regenerating.

Straffende und festigende Maske mit Oligoelemente & Marine Plankton

Straffende und festigende Maske mit Oligoelemente & Marine Plankton, Kabinettware

Klärende und erneuernde Peeling-Maske

Purifying mask


ANTI-AGE Peel-Off Mask

Anti-Ageing - Restructuring (with high content in vit.C with undeniable anti-oxidant properties)!

IDEALDERM Cryogenic DUO Peel-off Mask

Freshness & Tonifying

Exfoliating Peel-off Mask with Papaya

Exfoliating and regenerating effect with papaya and amino acids.

Eyes contour Peel-off Mask

An anti-tiredness activity and brightening complexion for the fine and delicate epidermis of the eyes contour area.

Firming DUO Peel-off Mask

It moisturise, revitalize and restores the radiance of moisture-depleted skins.

LIFTING Peel-Off Mask

Spirulina is a treasure in cosmetics; its high content in this mask makes it a regenerating and refreshing treatment which nourishes  firm up and tonifies the skin.

Nourishing Peel-off Mask Olealgues

Pure Olive Oil & Olive Leaves

DETOX & CLEAR Peel-Off Mask

This Peel-off Mask is used for professional treatments of oily and acneic skins. The results are instantaneous; the skin is purified, The pores are tightened up. The skin which is deeply cleansed breathes again.

Purifying DUO Peel-off Mask

It purifies, revitalize and restores the radiance to oily-trend skins.

Protective Peel-off Mask

  1. Restores skin moisturization to its normal values
  2. Relieves redness in a short time

Regenerating Peel-off Mask

With Lavender & Rosemary

Peel-off Mask for sensitive skins

PowerTox Peel-Off Mask (Anti-wrinkles)

To prevent and smooth the wrinkles and expression lines.
Alginate & Hibiscus extract (natural oligopeptid extract).


Mulberry, oughon, saxifrage and grape.