Medical Loupes with 4 magnification factors

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The adjustable in height, with side shield prevents stray light and can be swung out of the field out when needed.

Take advantage of this perfect opportunity to work anywhere freehand or read while enlarged to see everything. Even eyeglass wearers can work well with this magnifying glass in front of the glasses.

The magnifying glass bracket is easily rotate in any position in front of the eyes. The special high-quality plastic lenses and individual head adaptation by a Velcro ensure untroubled viewing pleasure.

Bénéfits & Highlights:

  • Velcro closure Retractable
  • Additional doublet lens behind the hard lens
  • Pivoting magnifying glass
  • 4 magnification factors

Technical Specifications:
Magnification: 1.8x / 2.3x / 3.7x / 4.8x
Weight: 130 g

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