Foot Buffer / Callous rasp / Foot scrapper (callous reducer, Hard Skin Remover)

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Remove the harder layer of the cornea with the coarse side. The fine grain size is then used to post-treatment and smoothing. Do it on dry skin. Then we recommend to apply a skin care product.

Remove thick calluses and dead skin of your foot.

Caring for your feets does not only make them look nice but also makes them healthy!

Under mechanical stress (especially pressure), calluses on the feet or hands are often produced. The double-sided Callus raps leaves the skin of your feet appear smooth and soft again, as it softly and gently rids the skin of the cornea.

Simple and effective: smooth, uniform rubbing of hard skin and calluses. With regular use, the regeneration of the cornea is reduced.

Beautiful double side design, easy to hang with the big hole. Made from high quality Material.

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