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Facial Enzyme Peeling with Papaya

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Exfoliating Action

How to Use:
Dose 30 g of powder for one care.
Dilute the powder with almost the same quantity of water. Mix it until getting an smooth paste. Apply it on the skin with a brush and leave it to perform its function at least 15 minutes  Moisten with a steamer. The mask is removed with water and a sponge.

Area of application:
The Facial Enzyme Peeling is a very fine and active powder which has to be mixed with water for making a very soft paste which is applied as a mask. It contains natural enzymes for soft exfoliation treatments.

Features and benefits:
Papaya and pineapple are naturally rich in proteolitic enzymes; papaïn and bromelaïn. Both enzymes are known for their property to digest the bounding proteins of the dead cells located on the upper layers of the stratum corrneum. They encourage skin renewing by exfoliating the dead cells.

Key active ingredients: 
Bentonite + Talc + Atomised Papaya and Pineapple


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