Depigmentation Maintenance Cream

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Whitening cream for topical use for a perfect skin.

Area of application:
An excessive exposure to UV radiations, hormonal and genetic factors, the ingestion of some photosensitive medicines… and other factors can generate an over production of melanin in localized areas unleashing the appearance of ugly melanic blemishes.

melan:off maintenance cream produces effective skin whitening, eliminating blemishes of melanic origin located in face, neckline, neck, hands and arms in a quick, safe and effective way, utilising a combination of different whitening active principles that inhibit the process of melanin formation in all the stages. It is adapted to suit all skin phototypes.

Features and benefits:
It also includes exfoliating active principles that accelerate the cell renewal process, lightening the skin colour of existing blemishes.

The formulation, rich in antioxidant and anti - free radicals, increases skin luminosity and equalises skin tone, giving back its softness and elasticity.

melan:off maintenance cream also combines innovative solar filters that protect the skin against solar radiations, blocking the melanin neo production and guaranteeing prolonged results.

30ml jar.

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