MEN AntiAge beauty Set

Set (95ml)
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The Set (ideal for a present) consist of the 3 following products:

  • 1 x Energizing anti-age serum, 30 ml (recommended retail price: 49,95€)
  • 1 x Shine control 24h aqua emulsion, 50 ml (recommended retail price: 25,95€)
  • 1 x Eye bags recovery gel, 15 ml (recommended retail price: 36,95€)
  • 1 x beautiful box


  • Energizing anti-age serum 

Serum that provides the skin with an invigorating doses of energy. Made with Siberian Ginseng, an adaptogen that stabilises cell metabolism and activates the immune system, improving the skin's resistance to stress and extreme atmospheres.  It prevents and softens signs of skin fatigue and ageing. SPF 10.
Other active ingredients: Organic silicium, Vitamin C, thermal water, cell energising extract.

  • Shine control 24h aqua emulsion

Deep hydration emulsion for reducing shiny, oily skin. Made with long-lasting moisturising agents and taurine, as well as an osmoregulating active ingredient that improves the skin's resistance to dehydration. It immediately unifies the skin's appearance because its microparticles absorb any excess oil, and also it includes oil-regulating agents that reduce the skin's natural production of oil. This refines the pore size, and standardises mixed and oily skins.
Other active ingredients: Organic silicium, Vitamin C, thermal water.

  • Eye bags recovery gel

Decongestant gel for reducing signs of tiredness around the eyes and softening any eye bags. It contains fresh mango cells and liposomes with water from Swiss glaciers. Its formula helps to reduce signs of stress and maintain an optimum degree of moisture. It also produces a calming, refreshing feeling around the eye contour.
Other active ingredients: Organic silicium, Vitamin C, thermal water, collagen amino acids, skin lifting agents, plant extracts with a reducing-draining action.

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