Nourishing Peel-off Mask Olealgues

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Pure Olive Oil & Olive Leaves

How to use:
Dose: 30 g of powder and 90mL of water.
Pour all the water at once on the powder, stir quickly and vigorously during one minute to get a homogeneous paste. Important: use water at 20°C. Apply the paste immediately to the face. The mask sets in 6 minutes following the application. Leave the mask to perform its function at least 15 minutes. Remove it by peeling off in one whole piece.

Area of application:
Our Olive PEEL-OFF mask concentrates both the olive oil and olive leaves properties. This vegetal association creates a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment evocative of the Mediterranean region through its Provençal fragrance and the visible pieces of olive leaves inside the mask.

Features and benefits:

Olive leaves have therapeutic and healing properties; associated with the olive oil, they protect the skin through the combined nourishing properties. Olive oil is a mix of insaturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic , á-linoleic) rich in carotenoid (provitamin A) and in tocopherols (vitamin E) which improve the skin’s elasticity and its softness. Skin recovers its natural suppleness and remains wrapped with a silky film.

Extremely rich in polyphenols, the olive oil protects the cells against free radicals scavengers for a strong anti-oxidant activity; especially the vitamin E exhibits an antiradical power useful to fight the visible signs of early skin ageing.

Key active ingredients:
Pure olive oil, olive leaves

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