Intimate Hygiene Soap

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Daily intimate hygiene for men and women.

How to use:

Apply on the area to be cleaned, which has been previously moistened with water. Rinse thoroughly. Can also be diluted with water. It can be used every day, as often as required.

Area of application:
Especially recommended where washing needs to be frequent: menstruation, abundant vaginal secretion, swimming in the sea or pool, sports, in hot climates, before and after sexual relations, as a complement for gynaecological treatments, vulva itching, anal fistulas, haemorrhoids, etc.

Features and benefits:
Very gentle synthetic detergent (syndet) with a cleansing, deodorising and protecting action. It has a slightly acid pH, making it suitable for physiological conditions of the genital mucosa and maintaining its natural balance. Enriched with Aloe vera and camomile, which care for and protect the genital epithelium as they are well tolerated by the skin, to enable efficient and safe cleaning.

Key active ingredients:
Aloe vera gel, camomile, gentle surfactants. Paraben free.

300 ml bottle.

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