Microdermabrasion cream proffessional

Микродермабразия кремом

Активные ингридиенты: кристаллы оксида алюминия - 42%, никотинамид - 5%, масло ши - 3%

Our most effective exfoliating product (mecanical peeling / scrub), ideal to keep skin young, smooth and clean!
Fit whether for men or women!


Collagen stimulator.  Gradually remove scarred or stretchmarks.
Enables better absorption of high quality skin care products. Diminish the appearance of fine lines
Cellular regenerator Diminish acne marks.
Eliminates dead skin. Diminish skin discolorations.


A healthier skin.
A cleaner skin.
A younger skin.
A renewed skin.
A smoother skin.

Active ingredients:

42%  Aluminium oxide
5%  Niacinamide
3%  Shea butter


200g (7oz) Jar, last much longer!

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Микродермабразия кремом

An at home alternative to professional, clinical treatments with amazing results!

Microdermabrasion Crystal Peeling Additive

- Purity: 99,50% minimum
- Particle size: 120

IDEALDERM Age & Sun Anti-Aging Emulsion

Treatment that combats signs of skin aging and prevents damage caused by solar radiation.