Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamin Cocktail Serum with 11 Ingredients

  • Tissue regeneration for face and neck
  • A naturally revitalizing vitamin cocktail
  • Natural serum
  • Made in France


Vitamin Cocktail Elixir

>20% active ingredients, visible immediate effect!

Vitamin Cocktail Serum (V11)

The revitalizing vitamin cocktail for your skin!

Vitamin cocktail night cream

A rich, efficient and calming skin care for the night.
With PowerTox® complex!

Vitamin cocktail day cream

This day cream is vitalizing and invigorate, it provides to the skin a real cocktail of effective natural ingredients.
With PowerTox® complex!

3 Actions Eye contour cream

3 Actions: Anti-bags + Anti-dark circles + Anti-ageing.

IDEALDERM PowerTox Filler

The cosmetic alternative to micro-injections!
ideal by creases and deep wrinkles.

Vitamin Cocktail Serum V11

The revitalizing vitamin cocktail for your skin!